Fitness during Vacation | How can You maintain Fitness

fitness during vacation


Vacation is an excellent time to unwind and rejuvenate. Many of us eagerly wait for a vacation. Are you worried about fitness during vacation. It’s always easy-peasy to motivate yourself to exercise when you are waiting to look your best for your vacation. But, what happens when you leave for a vacation? Are you one of those who think that you may eat anything and go hell with your regular fitness routine because its a vacation? Or you are tensed about piling on the extra pounds during vacation? On reading further you can find out how can you maintain fitness during vacation!
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See ‘I’ is the only difference between fit and fat. So it’s all about I. It’s my body and health and I must take care of it. Maintain it’s fitness throughout the year, be it fitness during vacation or a normal day, so that every day you are vacation ready 😉 Being healthy and fit is not a craze or a trend, instead it’s a way of life. Grab each and every possibility you get in life, be it during vacation, towards your fitness. A superb workout on the go can be adjusted smartly in your schedule, either you are travelling for pleasure or business. However, fitness during vacation may look slight different from your normal routine.

Here are some tips to maintain fitness during vacation and incorporate healthy options. In this way you can have an enjoyable vacation and can simultaneously stay on track:-

1. Take Stairs for maintaining Fitness during Vacation

Wherever you stay, try to take stairs as much as possible instead of escalator to maintain fitness during vacation.  I was on one of my vacations about 3 years back when I started to do this. The best part of taking stairs is that you don’t have to take out a special time for it in order to maintain fitness. The stairs are on the way to the room. However, if the room is on too high floor for you, you can always take the amount of stairs you are comfortable to walk through.

2. Make Reservation Wisely

When making reservation for a hotel, you may choose wisely the one with gymnasium for maintaining fitness during vacation. These days all modern high standard hotels provide fitness center and swimming pool. If you know how to swim, it is an awesome way to maintain fitness during vacation. Whenever going for long vacations, consider to book the hotel whose room provides an access to a kitchenette. This will help to prepare your own healthy meals at least once a day. And will help to maintain fitness and lessen the damage of vacation snacking. With such minimal planning, there are no fitness excuses.

3. Going for Dinner

When you head to dine in a restaurant, be it for pleasure or work and have company of your business associates, it’s best to search the restaurant online. Have a look on the menu before you leave and pre-order whatever you have to eat in your mind. This will help you to avoid overindulgence once you reach there. You will surely order a healthy meal, thus maintain fitness during vacation.

4. Prepare to maintain Fitness during Vacation

If travelling via car, one may always carry fresh fruits, flavoured yogurt, sandwiches, nuts and can also pack several of your best loved dry fruit items. Whether I am going for my vacation via car or plane, I always stack my bag with the above mentioned healthy treats. Apart from these you may carry protein bars, protein powder in a shaker cup. Another easy way to maintain fitness during vacation. If you are the one who constantly craves for food, then you may read how-to-manage-food-cravings/

5. Explore

maintain fitness during Vacation

Well this might not be possible while on a business trip but, for a pleasure vacation, it is surely possible. Try to explore different possibilities instead of the hotel fitness center. Certainly, its always great to have a gym in the hotel. But you may always try to have some more fun and enjoyment and seek for new adventures. Check with the hotel concierge which may provide you with numerous options. These may range from mountain hiking, mountain biking, yoga, river rafting, scuba diving and opt for the ones that you will love to do.

When I am on vacation, I wake up and go for a run that really gives an amazing feeling. If possible try to rent a bicycle and explore new places thereby maintaining fitness during vacation. On airline terminals, I walk as much as I can instead of sitting and waiting for boarding or the next flight.

Let’s give every day, be it a vacation or not, the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life by maintaining the fitness of your body!

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24 thoughts on “Fitness during Vacation | How can You maintain Fitness

  1. Alison Rost Reply

    What I love about most trips is that you don’t have a car to use and you’ll often walk and take the stairs. These are great tips for people who would like to be active while on vacation.

  2. Carol Cassara Reply

    When I first started my whole 30 diet last year, I was super afraid I’d stray from my diet when we went to Europe for a vacation. I’m glad I didn’t because I tried my best to research where I can get meals that fit my diet and where I can buy ingredients in case we had to cook!

  3. onelifeoneworld2018 Reply

    These are some fab tips for people! I love exploring when I’m away, Id much prefer to walk everywhere than get a bus/car. Your able to see more and experience the country more! X

  4. Komal Reply

    Stairs are my favorite way to stay in shape on vacation. No elevators no escalators and a crap ton of walking is the way to go!

  5. EG III Reply

    Now this is a topic I’m very familiar with. Everytime I go on vacation I make sure to explore the local area near the hotel by foot and get lost for kilometres upon kilometers as I become acquainted with the area and also StumbleUpon hidden gems.

  6. Nicole Anderson Reply

    We always walk a lot more during our vacations. We spend most of our time outside and often meet many new and interesting people. I find it easier to stay in shape on vacation than I do on a normal workday.

  7. Corinne 🍒 (@WhatCorinneDid) Reply

    I know people say that on out on weight when you are on holiday but i really don’t see how. Of course you eat a lot of things but at the same time you are so active: visit, swimming, walking, etc! xx corinne

  8. Denni Reply

    thank you for the tips! much needed . My biggest struggle is overindulgence in the local food . I love food and I love trying new dishes , which makes vacations pretty dangerous for my line

    • itshealthymoms Reply

      Hey Denni, you may always enjoy the local food and try new dishes keeping in mind their portion size, thus avoiding overindulgence 🙂

  9. Laurence Reply

    I tend to be unhealthy too while on vacation, meaning on foods. But I don’t have problems with walking, since I walk a lot while exploring, but sometimes, not all the accommodation we chose/choose does not have a gym, so we just end up walking a lot 🙂

  10. Autumn Reply

    Fitness is key to a happy and healthy life. Even if it is just the little things as you suggested – taking the stairs, etc.

  11. Cătălina Nini Reply

    I am keen on walking, always was so every time I am in a new city, I walk. I hate crowded buses or subways from the bottom of my heart and again, a good stroll keeps my mind clear. Make reservation wisely it`s a good advice and this is something I look into when booking a hotel.

  12. Laura Dove Reply

    I think you can, but for me it’s not something I make an effort to do. For me my holidays are about relaxing and kicking back, although we do walk a lot!

  13. Nathan Reid Reply

    We do lots of things whenever we are on a family vacation. My cousins loves to walk so much. Being younger than me, they simply love adventures.

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