Raw Honey Organic Garhwall Review

Organic Garhwall Raw Honey

One day I was just moving around a mall and my eyes went on the Organic Garhwall Raw Honey. I have been using honey regularly from my college days because of its benefits. But, it was not the raw variety. Somewhere in late 2015, I read about why raw honey should be used instead of the regular honey and so I decided to buy a bottle. Now, I have been using this brand of raw honey from past one and a half year. After using this regularly since then, I thought to share its review. 

Is it a Sponsored Review?

I would like to tell you guys that this review is not at all a sponsored review. It is my personal choice to write this review as I really like this product. Also apart from being providing all the benefits of raw honey, the brand aids the livelihood of small farmers and their families in the Himalayas of India. This comes direct from the hive without any pasteurization or adding-on other ingredients as corn syrup, hidden preservatives or sugar. I just love using this brand.

Nowadays, there are a number of appetizing and nutritious raw honey brands for total wellbeing. The Organic Garhwall is not the only brand in market. There are a number of other brands available. It is just that instead of using well known brands of processed honey, include raw honey into your routine. Raw honey is really rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

Product Features

  • · Rich in Phytonutrients :- The honey is not processed. Thus, it retains the phytonutrients which provide anti-inflammatory properties.
    · Good Source of Antioxidants: Contains antioxidants which protect your body from cell damage caused due to free radicals. Hence, is useful in anti-aging.
    · Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal: Has antiseptic properties which can kill unwanted bacteria and fungus.
  • 100% organic certified.


Solidifies in Winter

I really enjoy the flavour and equally love the texture of this product. It solidifies in winter season. You may find the product at http://organicshop.in/organic-garhwall-raw-honey-300-gms. When you stay on the site for few minutes, it will give you the option to shop globally as well. This raw honey is known for its capability to relieve seasonal allergies. It can be used as a delicious healthy natural sweetener. For more details, in order to replace your refined sugar, you may read Natural Healthy Sweetener Alternatives to replace Sugar. Over here apart from raw honey, you may know about other natural sweeteners as well.

The way I use Organic Garhwall Raw Honey

I love sweetening my tea with it. Whenever my son suffers from cough, I give him this raw honey to sooth it. He is completely fine within three days without any medication. I have also noticed that when he gulps it before going to bed, he sleeps better. Always remember never to heat the raw honey or add in a hot beverage. When adding to tea, the tea should be warm and not hot. As when exposed to heat, the amino acids, enzymes change their molecular structure. This harms the body.


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17 thoughts on “Raw Honey Organic Garhwall Review

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    • itshealthymoms Reply

      Yes Sarah, honey has its tremendous benefits. Make sure whenever you buy a bottle, it has to be raw honey. And, not the pasteurised honey 🙂

  2. Alison Rost Reply

    I love organic raw honey and it’s good to learn about this brand. It sounds lovely and it’s packed with a lot of benefits as well. Definitely a must try!

    • itshealthymoms Post authorReply

      Totally agree, local products are the best. They are much more healthier compared to the ones those are not local.

  3. ewuzie Reply

    I love honey a lot especially when its in my tea. organic grahwall raw honey is a must try for me and my family

    • itshealthymoms Post authorReply

      I am sure Ewuzie, you and your family will love using the Organic Garhwall Raw Honey.

    • itshealthymoms Post authorReply

      So true! Good raw honey has been always useful since ages. I hope you like this brand.

  4. Matthew Gallant Ukwadia Reply

    I love organic Raw Honey; I love the fact that it is not processed. I will definitely get this, as Honey was recently recommended to by my Doctor instead of white sugars

    • itshealthymoms Post authorReply

      Yes, raw honey is really healthy and full of nutrients compared to white sugar which is zero in nutrients.

  5. Rhian Westbury Reply

    Thanks for this info, I didn’t actually know what raw honey was before. It’s nice that you’ve found something you genuinely love x

  6. Kartika Nair Reply

    Its really hard to get organic raw honey these days . Thanks for the review I haven’t heard about this brand but it sounds great. Will try it 🙂

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