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Amla | Indian Gooseberry | Health Benefits


Indian Gooseberry, also known as amla in India has tremendous health benefits. If eaten raw, gooseberry is sour and astringent to taste. However, I think it’s worth the sourness as these green fruits can help you to get that ever young glow on your skin as it helps in collagen production. And yes, you will attain the lovely locks as well. For this, you can eat amla raw, drink its juice or even consume in powdered form. Gooseberry contains 20 times more vitamin C than orange. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C.

Amla Health Benefits

Following are the 9 health benefits of Indian gooseberry(amla).

1. Natural Body Coolant

Gooseberry embraces cooling properties which is quite effective during summers to maintain the temperature of the body. The presence of vitamin C in the Indian gooseberry boosts the tannins in the body that shields body from the heat. So, you can certainly have this fruit to stay cool this summer! Also, it will help you to protect from loo (the extremely hot winds blowing in northern part of India).

2. Builds Immunity

Gooseberry acts as the immunity booster by intensifying the function of lymphocytes and neutrophils cells. These cells avert cold and allergies. It also prevents many respiratory infections. It is comprised of antioxidants like ellagic acid, gallic acid and flavonoids like kaempferol in ample quantities which boosts our immune system.

3. Improve Digestion

Another health benefit is that Indian gooseberry will improve your digestion. Amla is really rich in it’s fibre content. Furthermore, it assists better bowel movements by keeping the gastrointestinal tract clean. Gooseberry enhances the body’s power to absorb nutrients from food. Thus, strengthening the digestive system. In addition to this, the bitter and sour taste of gooseberry stimulates the taste receptors. Thus, making the digestive enzymes more effective.

4. Increases Metabolism

Most of the fatty chubbiness is usually caused by poor metabolism of the body. Eating amla regularly speeds up body’s metabolism. Most of you are aware that the moment your metabolism speeds up, you start burning more fat. Thus, it aids the weight loss process. Even about half a cup of amla juice will assist you to lose weight naturally.

5. Detoxifies Body 

Amla is best to cleanse your liver naturally. As per Ayurveda, detoxification initiates with healthy agni, that is, digestive fire. Gooseberry helps to balance this digestive fire through the entire body. Moreover, it has a certain affinity for the blood and the liver. Therefore, it detoxifies naturally, while preserving and nourishing the body’s natural defence system.

6. Improves Mental Health

Amla enhances the health of nerves by easing the flow of blood to cells and tissues. Constant consumption of gooseberry improves the cognitive function. Thus, strengthening concentration and memory. Also, it shields the nerve cells from free radical damage. Thus, preventing mental health ailments like alzheimer’s and dementia.

7. Good for Diabetics

Amla, being one of the richest sources of vitamin C, helps in repairing pancreatic cells and tissues. Also, it further averts the damage of cells producing insulin. So, consuming amla can make your body more responsive to insulin. Please do not eat any product that combines amla with ginger or guduchi if you have any liver disorders.

8. Hair

It is abundance in essential fatty acids. Fortifies hair follicles, giving you strong and lustrous locks. It is a powerful treatment for dandruff when applied on scalp. Cures hair loss and prevents premature greying of hair naturally. You may read more about it here .

9. Aids Weight Loss

Amla has been one of the effective ways to lose weight as it boosts metabolism. Are you the one who want to lose weight rapidly? Well, this fruit will help you to shed pounds gradually week by week. You may read more here How Amla aids Weight Loss



29 thoughts on “Amla | Indian Gooseberry | Health Benefits”

  1. It is so interesting to read the health benefits of gooseberries, I definitely learned some really great facts here! I love that they are a natural coolant!

  2. Never heard about it before but by reading your article I was able to know the good health benefits of gooseberries into our body and thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Being an Indian I am very well aware of Amla benefits. We are also very much into the all herbal and natural health supplements. My mother in law has this in her refrigerator throughout the summer. Thank you very much for sharing this and bringing more awareness about it in the society. 🙂

  4. I don’t think I’d heard of gooseberry before this. What an amazing fruit. I love all the benefits like how it aids in digestion. Our digestive health is definitely responsible for the root cause of many diseases.

  5. Awww…sorry for me but I don’t really see gooseberry for my whole life. Thanks for sharing. I will try to find this tomorrow. Looks delicious. I love eating sour taste

  6. Looks like I need to add gooseberries to my diet! Thank you for the helpful information and health benefits as i didn’t know!

  7. I love that it’s a natural body coolant and improves metabolism. Now I wonder if we have that here in the Philippines? I love super foods like these!

  8. I’ve never heard of this but I need anything that improves metabolism and I am trying to find great food based alternatives to all the pills I’m on.

    1. the Indian gooseberry is a wonderful option to increase ones metabolism…… You may start including it slowly in your diet so that your body digests it. Gradually increase it’s quantity….. I have mentioned amla side effects on the ‘Indian gooseberry aids weight loss’ post…… go through them once.

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