Instant Noodles|Untold Truth| Are they Healthy

instant noodles

Instant noodles are not only amusing, but delicious! Today there are a number of instant noodles brands. A cup of noodles and a movie, it’s all about that college life! Sometimes the girl asks her boyfriend if he knows to cook? And the reply is, “the only thing I can cook are the instant noodles!” For many of you, without noodles there would be chaos and darkness.

Though these noodles may sound to be really convenient to cook, as they take minutes to prepare. But, is it really a healthy option to eat them? No matter what these are made from. Like refined flour, wheat, multigrain or oats. I have seen people adding some veggies or eggs. But, how healthy do these noodles actually become when you add these? It is a food item that has invariably been under an oodles of speculation from a couple of years.

When I was a little girl

I was allowed to have them hardly twice a year. My mother used to say, ”Isme Maida hai, aur pata nahi kya dalte honge ise itne dino tak rakhne ke liye. Kuchh achha kha le!”. (”It contains refined flour. And God knows what all preservatives and stuff like that is added to it so that they last longer. Eat something better”) .  It was believed that instant noodles could lead to bowel troubles and obesity.

There has been a lot of discussion the previous year regarding the impact of instant noodles on one’s health. But, still I find mothers giving these noodles their children readily! You need to understand that all these noodles either made of ragi or atta(wheat) or multigrain or added veggies or fortified with vitamins and minerals only helps the industry profits. They do affect your body the same way, no matter how rich you try to make them either by adding vegetables or eggs.

Although they are really convenient and tasty food all over the world, keep on reading and find out what makes them harmful. This article focuses on the possible consequences of these noodles on one’s health.

What makes the Instant Noodles Dangerous?

In order to reduce the cooking time, instant noodles are fried and packed.  I know many of your are aware of this. So, to prepare them, you just need to add boiling water. This is the reason they are often a staple food for college students. But, they do lack in nutrients. Since these are made to bear a prolonged shelf life, instant noodles are exceptionally processed. They are low in nourishment, high on calories, fat and sodium. And, many contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). A widely used flavour enhancer in the food industry.

Continuous consumption of MSG causes asthma, weight gain, obesity, metabolic syndrome, headache and even brain damage. Metabolic syndrome is a state that increases your risk of heart diseases, diabetes and stroke. The e-number, E621 in the ingredients list of packaged foods is MSG. Majority of processed foods do contain MSG.

Healthier Alternatives to Instant Noodles

There are many mums, who know that the instant noodles are not healthy. But still at times, just to ensure that their kids eat veggies, they choose this option. And there are others who think that sometimes it’s nice to change and pamper your taste buds. But, is this the only way out? You can try to make homemade spaghetti with vegetables and add the masala/ spices to enhance its taste the same way as that of the instant variety.

For my family, I cook homemade seviyan (vermicelli) with vegetables in it. The best instant and nutritious food for adults and kids. If you are in a hurry to cook, you may always roast them and store.


So, if you are fond of noodles, go for the regular variety vermicelli and not the instant one! As even after adding veggies or eggs to the instant noodles they not a healthy option! If you are having these for some change to the taste buds, make sure you are not having too much of E621 from other sources.

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22 thoughts on “Instant Noodles|Untold Truth| Are they Healthy

  1. Dalene Ekirapa Reply

    My younger brother loves noodles and for the sake of worrying that they are unhealthy, we stopped buying them for him. Now I think the idea of having veggies in the noodles is better.

  2. Ewuzie Kingsley Reply

    I use to hate noodles before but not anymore, Even though i eat them not if its always as the last option and when i do, i always try to make it as rich as possible.

    • Puneet Kaur Chhabra Post authorReply

      Well, no matter how rich we try to make the instant noodles, they affect our health the same way! So it is better to switch to their alternatives or may have some sort of pasta.

  3. LazyMommy Reply

    i love my instant noodles. Having said that, I do agree 100% that no matter what you add to instant noodles, there is just really no nutrition value. However, I think life is supposed to be a mix of different things, different food, different experiences and etc. So I say eat your instant noodles if you love it, just in moderation. For me personally, i feel the craving for instant noodle usually on a saturday night so if it means instant noodles once a week but I am eating healthy for the majority of the week, let it be.

  4. StressedMum (@stressedmum01) Reply

    I do have instant noodles in the cupboard for those days that you need something quick, but usually I use other noodles and flavour and add ingredients myself making it a much healthier alternative

  5. Eileen M Loya Reply

    Instant noodles are the most popular go-to meals for college students. Easy to prepare and fills you up fast. But I agree with the lack of nutritional value. There are other quick meal options that are not loaded with sodium and MSG.

  6. Anagha Reply

    My mother makes seviyan varieties. I eat instant readymade noodles and these ones too for a change and taste buds yes 🙂

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