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Puneet Kaur Chhabra is the founder and COO of Strong Healthy Women. With proven expertise in women's health, nutrition, and fitness Puneet helps women to remould into a healthier and better version of themselves by eating right and adopting easy, essential, yet effective lifestyle changes for sustainable results. Being a Women's Health Transformation Coach, Puneet takes into consideration your entire wellness ie,

  1. nutrition
  2. fitness
  3. mindset,
  4. career,
  5. relationships and
  6. lifestyle

Deepika Chopra

I enrolled for Puneet’s customised plan under recommendation from my family member who had already lost tremendous amount of weight and unnecessary fat under her guidance … I also joined her and saw amazing results on my body… Inch wise I lost a lot of inches even though I had knee issues where I could not work out at all… the best part was - my fear of ghee is totally gone!!! I saw a remarkable difference in hair quality, my hair are voluminous and lustrous than ever before. Also as I was eating well-balanced meals, I feel happy to have adopted a cleaner lifestyle. Puneet is always so prompt and patient to answer all doubts and personally keeps taking updates even if you miss giving her one! I will highly recommend her to everyone who wants to eat healthy, be healthy, get toned and lose weight!

toned body

Anita Dwivedi

At an age of 56 and post menopause I never thought I will be able to lose weight. I tried doing it on my own but never succeeded. A friend of mine Manjeet Sial motivated me. I am glad I decided to get in touch with you Puneet. A few months of following your Customised Healthy Toned Plan have led to a tremendous improvement in my quality of life. Daily tasks that seemed too tiring have now become much easier to accomplish and I feel much healthier.
I lost 12kgs and 14inches overall in 16 weeks. Your constant guidance and motivation helped me throughout. At times I felt hungry but your proper guidance helped me to get over it. There were no special supplements just food at right time helped me to achieve this.
The time when i joined the program my uric acid level was high. I was on medication for the same. Within these 16 weeks uric acid became normal and today I am COMPLETELY OFF the medicines.
I am highly thankful to you. I will be Glad to continue this journey with you later also.

Nav Sohal

I have known Puneet for a long time but got in touch in 2020 after more than a decade.

I initially contacted her in 2020 because of the gut issue and to lose weight. She helped me decrease by around 8 inches from my waistline in 16 weeks with better gut health. Later in Feb 2022, I contacted her again for a Healthy Toned Body Plan. I understood there is N number of nutritionists online, however, things are different with Puneet. It doesn't feel like a business transaction. She doesn't give a plan and adios after. She makes sure that the client can follow the plan and is sustainable. One of the big reasons I went to her this time, was my issue of stress binge eating, second is to create a healthy active lifestyle. We started on a meal plan and workout guidance. It was mainly focused on creating habits and sticking to them. This helped me create a healthy relationship with food while mindful eating. Once this was achieved we focused on creating an active lifestyle and including challenging workouts. For someone like me who hated working out all her life, now, I cannot imagine myself skipping workouts. In 20 weeks of 2022, I have established a healthy relationship with food where I stop eating once I am full. I don't overeat thinking I am on diet tomorrow. I enjoy working out and look forward to working out. In 2022 I have lost 8kgs and 6 inches around the waist with better muscle mass. However, these are just numbers. All I can say is she has created a lifestyle for me that I can carry all my life without hesitation. Kudos to Puneet for personally taking care of clients and helping them to become better versions of themselves.

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