Your Personalized
Healthy Pregnancy

Master Plan

Turning Your Pregnancy Challenges into Healthy & Confidant Pregnancy just got a heck of a lot easier (and waaaay more fun) with Personalized Master Plan!

If you wish you & your baby to be healthier with effortless labor & a cherishing childbirth experience, a great pregnancy plan with accountability will help you close the gap between



1-on-1 session with Puneet Kaur Chhabra for Personalizing Your Healthy Pregnancy Master Plan
Know Inside Out of the Unique Root Cause of Your Specific Pregnancy Health Issue
The Strategies that fit well into your Routine, no matter how busy you are!
How can you Maximize Your Energy Levels 


Understanding & Mastering the Technique for 12 Profuse Labor Positions
3 simple steps to Overcome YOUR FEAR of CHILDBIRTH
Personalized Nutrition Rich Recipes 
Mastering Pregnancy Mood Swings
Bonding with the Unborn Baby 
Short Effective Weekly Workouts
6 months Access to WhatsApp & Email Support
A 30 minutes follow-up call within 3 days

Your Personalized
Healthy Pregnancy
Master Plan

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