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Michelle Smith (United Kingdom)

I am working in the corporate IT sector and at this time I can really say that I feel unstopable! I recommend this program to any women who wants to live her life free from PCOS.

Now I do not have any facial hair, my skin glows, energy levels are great throughout the day, I can do so much more which I couldn't even think of before joining this customised program that too without any caffiene and I feel just incredible. What I learnd in past few weeks is that adopting appropriate habits "the right way" can make a huge difference on my health, PCOS and productivity. Now I hardly get any headaches which were so prominent before starting with the program. Having balanced meals, eating mindfully and losing extra fat rather than the weight are my key takeaways.

Puneet is the best coach and mentor who has made this journey much simpler for me.

Preeti Singh (India)

At the outset I would like to thank Puneet for her prifessionalism and valuable coaching for discovering the root cause of my more than a decade long persisting acne issue and for effective revarsal of PCOS naturally. She customised the plan for me in such a way that all of the micro nuttrients were covered through everyday foods. As per her advice I incorporated everything to the point without fail.

Now I have better relationship with food in a sense that I eat all I feel like without any guilt or counting calories - which is remarkable. Best part is that my decade long cystic acne issue is reversed now just by making "the right choices", which symbolizes a new beginneing to me. I feel empowered with the knowledge of what is best for me especially when dining out with family and friends. 

Now there isn't any pain during PMS or periods and have lost a lot of inches. I can proudly say that now I love my toned body and I get pain-free periods!

Shubhangi Gupta (USA)

I am a working mother of 2 kids and have been struggling with PCOS from last 12 years. Not to forget the tough time i had while conceiving, the stress and weight gain that came along with PCOS. I am glad that I came across Strong Healthy Women on Instagram and thanks to you Puneet for reversing my PCOS and balancing hormones NATURALLY.
In the process of conceiving through IVF, being pregnant twice and not to forget PCOS, I gained lots and loads of weight.
I started my journey with Puneet from June 2020 and she customized Reverse PCOS Plan for me. In 11 months, I lost 18kgs and 9 inches from my waist I'm still continuing with her program as I enjoy the way she guides
Strong Healthy Women has helped me to learn how to eat mindfully. Now I look forward for better health rather than just losing weight. Puneet has also helped me to get through the day without a cup of tea or coffee. This is what I loved the most as I was addicted to caffeine.
Receiving compliments like I don't look as if I am a mother of two kids, boosts my confidence. Signing up for Puneet's Program for Living Life FREE from PCOS was best decision I have ever made. She customised plan for me in such a great way that I could easily stick to it while taking care of family
This plan helped me to lose weight, lose fat, reverse PCOS, regular period, better skin, much better energy levels, no more PMS, no more facial hair, no more mood swings, no more migraine. And all this without any supplements I will certainly follow this lifestyle even after the program gets over.

Thanks a million Puneet.

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