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healthy pregnancy

“I can’t wait to meet you, I’m already fond of you!” I still remember how I felt when I was carrying. It’s the time when everyone gives you some extra love and a lot of blessings. The time of pregnancy, the wish to have active and healthy pregnancy. My aunts used to tell me for healthy pregnancy, it’s time to become fat now. Eat as much as you want to and enjoy this period of pregnancy by becoming double of your size. But I had my own plans for my active and healthy pregnancy. I wanted to be safe, eat carefully, be healthy and much more happier during the pregnancy, I knew that I deserve this blessing.

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The women’s body goes through a number of changes during pregnancy. I wanted to stay fit and have a healthy pregnancy by being generally active. For this I thought of joining some yoga class or pre-natal dance classes and feel good about my pregnant body. Also I found being healthy and active as the best way to regain the pre-pregnancy shape back. Not only this, it will also help you in gaining genuine weight and sure for an easy labour. But, remember to check with your gynaecologist before starting any kind of exercises during pregnancy. I spoke to my doctor and talked about this issue in detail with her. Read on further to know few of the apt ideas that I followed to stay active and have a healthy pregnancy.

1. Prenatal Yoga for Active and Healthy Pregnancy

healthy pregnancy

According to the research analysis it has been found that prenatal yoga can have many advantages. I saw Lara Dutta, an Indian actress, model and beauty queen. She was -crowned Miss Intercontinental 1997 and Miss Universe 2000. I spotted her in one of the videos on YouTube, doing prenatal yoga for healthy pregnancy. After joining its classes and found them really peaceful. I think the process of deep breathing was responsible for my relaxation and I started to feel proud of all the changes that my body was going through during pregnancy. The state of serenity, gradually prepared my body and mind for labour and delivery. Here is the link to one of her videos .

Just be sure to inform the instructor that you are pregnant and in which trimester you are as yoga is different for different trimesters. Being active in the daily routine helped me to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy pregnancy. You can always plan your favourite activity into your daily routine by setting aside some ‘me-time’ or an active hour that is non-negotiable. But yes, you don’t have to force yourself to do any kind of activity, do only that much as much as your body allows, always listen to your inner self.

TIP:- Always drink enough of water before, during and after exercising. Especially during hot and humid weather. It is always better to carry your own water wherever you go, even when you are out for an hour.


2. Make your Way towards the Park

I found it as the best option when at work to head towards a nearby park especially in the lunch break. And even if you are not working, going to the park is always refreshing. I used to begin with a stroll and then gradually increase its intensity to a brisk walk.

Walking is considerably a safe exercise for mums-to-be. The best thing about brisk walking is that it works up the heart and lungs without putting much pressure on your knees and ankles. If you walked regularly before your pregnancy, you may always continue doing it. However if you are starting now, start with a brief 12-15 minutes comfortable and a relaxing stroll on alternate days. I still remember in my eight and ninth month of pregnancy, I was not able to walk for longer duration. I used to feel fatigued, so I broke my walk into 3 parts. So, I started walking for 15 minutes thrice a day leisurely and discontinued brisk walking. However I still continued with my third trimester prenatal yoga.

3. Avoid Sugar and the Junk Carbs

Just like when you are not pregnant eating sugar causes weight gain, same is the case when pregnant. I do understand those with a sweet tooth will love eating sugar, but have another thought about it. Usually during pregnancy women think they now don’t have to restrict their diet. Many eat whatever they feel like, but please don’t think so if you want your pre-pregnancy shape back. Women who constantly eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and avoid the intake of excessive amount of sugar and junk carbs stay more alive, healthy and active. Rejecting to have junk food and having foods with key nutrients is as much important as eating the foods at the right time and in the right proportion.

When one gets pregnant, seldom vomiting, heartburn and mood swings are natural. But, when you keep on munching excessive sugar through foods, the symptoms continue and become worse.

4. Cardio and Weight Training

healthy pregnancy

Cardio, weight training and yoga all are safe activities that can be done during pregnancy. I was not as regular with cardio and weight training as I was with the prenatal yoga and walking. Actually I felt more comfortable with the later two. Again, it must be done before consulting your gynaecologist, under the guidance of a proper coach and the training is different for different trimesters, all modified for pregnancy. If you do cardio training, it will improve your lung capacity and heart health while giving you an overall sense of well-being.

5. Dance for Active and Healthy Pregnancy

Dancing is a fun way to exercise and stay active during pregnancy. Well all of us would dance occasionally if not regularly. You can always start dancing by taking gentle lessons initially from your dance instructor. You will enjoy moving your body to the music you love. It will increase your flexibility and tone your muscles.

6. Sense the Red Flags

During pregnancy be aware of the signs like shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, blurry vision, trouble walking, nausea and vomiting, such seemingly mild symptoms may indicate something really serious. If you experience such symptoms while doing any kind of activity, please don’t do that activity any further. Always listen to your inner self. And if there is decreased foetus activity for more than 24 hours call or reach to your doctor immediately.

Staying active during pregnancy helps in the overall well being of the mother and the baby. The amount of activity that you can do during pregnancy depends on 2 factors. It highly depends on how active you were before you got pregnant and any health issues that you may have. Excess weight gain during pregnancy is not good. I gained 14.1 kilograms of weight which is 31 pounds and my baby was 3.3kg, that is 7.2pounds. I did yoga till the last day of my pregnancy, walked when in labour and had normal delivery.

Steady exercising during pregnancy can lessen aches and constipation. It also improves the quality of sleep and helps to have a simple and easy labour. So enjoy your pregnancy by staying healthy and active by waking up with this determination and going to bed with the satisfaction of being active during the day.

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