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prevent premature grey hair

Are the premature grey hair making you upset? Well then you are at the right place. Here you will find out how you can effectively tackle it. Today I am going to share with you a real life story of one of my closest friends, Riya (name changed). Following is Riya’s journey to prevent premature grey hair naturally who was experiencing this problem from her mid twenties.

Over the recent years, premature grey hair are a cause of worry among most young men and women. Last year, somewhere around July I went on a ladies day out. We were having a similar talk and three of my friends, Gargi, Riya and Emily (names changed), age 29, 31 and 24 respectively were concerned about the same cause. That is, prevent premature grey hair naturally. So, we decided to visit an Ayurveda doctor in our city.

Riya is closer to me than the other two and she insisted me to accompany her on her visit to the Ayurvedic doctor (known as Vaidya). Whatever he told us, she followed it religiously. And guess what,,, today, the roots of 70% of her grey hair are back to her original hair colour. Even the number of grey hair did not increase further. Riya never wanted to colour her hair, what she wanted was a natural solution to this problem of premature grey hair. Today she is really happy about this decision of using natural products and I find her more confident than ever. Even I have inculcated few of the practices in my routine.


This worldwide problem of premature grey hair arise when melanocytes surrounding the hair follicle curtails the production of the amount of melanin. Or when the melanin production stops completely. Melanin is the pigment that gives hair its colour. As the hair lengthen, the melanocytes surrounding the hair follicle introduces melanin into the hair, which gives the hair its colour.

Also having too much of sugar can rapidly increase this process. If you just cannot resist your sweet tooth, then you may check the natural sweetener alternatives to replace sugar here.

I have compiled the tips as advised by Vaidya into a handy solution for you all. I hope this will benefit maximum number of people. Check out the following steps to prevent premature grey hair naturally:-

1. Gooseberry to Prevent Premature Grey Hair

prevent premature grey hair with gooseberry
Homemade amla ka murabba (gooseberry)

Eating gooseberry is the most effective ayurvedic natural remedy to prevent premature grey hair. Gooseberry is commonly known as amla in India and is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. Eating amla ka murabba empty stomach is really helpful to prevent premature grey hair. Even I eat homemade amla ka murabba daily. Nowadays the gooseberry juice is also easily available.

You may even apply it tropically. Just cut this Indian Gooseberry, take the seed out and make a paste of the berry. Apply it to your scalp and massage it on hair roots. Leave for about 20 minutes and rinse off.

You can read more about Gooseberry Health Benefits here

2. Eat Sesame for No Grey Hair

prevent premature grey hair with sesame

Eating sesame seeds is highly beneficial to prevent premature grey hair. You know what, these seeds are believed to be one of the best foods for anti aging as well. Here in India they are easily available. Eating around one teaspoon of sesame seeds daily is enough. However, eat only in winter season because as per Ayurveda they warm up the bodies. You may have them by adding in the food like porridge, salads, chutney or can even knead in the dough. It is best to slightly roast them at low temperature and then grind them into powder in mortar pestle just before its use. In this way our body will get its maximum benefits, but remember, to be eaten only during winter season.

Our present-day lifestyle patterns have started to take an enormous toll on our health. Due to which, stress and low activity levels creates a hormonal imbalance. Hormones do affect the texture, density, and yes, the color of your hair. This is another reason of greying of hair prematurely and may be linked to polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS) as well. Make sure that your hormones are balanced, you may check it out here.

3. Say No to Shampoos and Prevent Premature Grey Hair

Hey what, no shampoo!!! Then how will I clean my hair? Well, use these natural ingredients to wash your hair in order to prevent premature grey hair. Use one part of amla powder and one-fourth part of shikekai powder soaked overnight in an iron vessel. And yes, no reetha please. Many of you might question why not to add reetha. Well, Vaidya insisted not to add as the addition of reetha in this case will accelerate hair fall.


4. Zinc and Copper Rich Foods

Deficiency of copper and zinc is another root cause. Check out the following fruits and vegetables abundant in zinc and copper. Dried fruits like prunes, apricots, raisins, dark leafy greens, lentils and legumes, mushrooms. Then we have nuts like almonds, cashew, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts. Even eating roasted pumpkin seeds will help to prevent it, as it releases the essential enzymes. These essential enzymes help in the production of melanin. A study was done by Biological Trace Element Research in the year 2012. From this study, it was found that there is a considerable link between deficiency of zinc and copper and that of premature grey hair.

Riya followed all the above mentioned natural remedies religiously. She was able to visibly see the results within six months. Even I have started to follow these steps. And yeah one more thing, please never ever pull your grey hair. This is because, pulling them affects the melanin production of surrounding hair.

So now you can really prevent the premature grey hair or you may even reverse it!

Prevent Premature Grey Hair!


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