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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. All plans are set to attend the Christmas and New Year Parties, but not confident how to cling to your healthy diet? I do understand how it feels. It’s not always easy-peasy to follow on the diet plan. So as the heart says the Christmas pudding and wine but the brain says, for the love of God, eat the spinach pomegranate salad, I’ll tell you how you can enjoy having both.

Always remember, your body is a reflection of what you are. If you want to look healthy, you will have to think healthy and eat healthy. Save room for the dessert, keep on telling the body that it will be having dessert at the right time.

While you may be tempted to indulge in the festive goodies, you should know that there are some ways you can stay healthy even when there are treats laid out everywhere you go. I have tried this myself and this has worked for me and my family. Following are some tips to help you enjoy a jollier, healthier and more diet friendly Christmas and New Year without gaining weight.

1. Keep Portion Distortion in Check

It means the amount of food or drink a person chooses to consume must be kept in check. Also, it refers to the serving size. One of the most common habit is that we take huge portions in almost every feast and many of us think these as normal but, they are not. Please take the food portions of the size of the plate. Or it’s even best to eat half of the plate whenever the food is high in calories. Always try to gauge when you are 80% full and stop there.

Oh yes, good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends. So you may even share your plate with one of your buddies and have a control on your portion size.

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2. Eat before Big Meals

Go ahead and have something before the upcoming Christmas and New Year eve. It’s always best to have a glass of homemade buttermilk (chaas) with black salt and asafoetida. The chaas or buttermilk is a good source of probiotics and vitamin B12. The asafoetida and black salt combo will help to cut down bloating, gas and even prevent IBS(irritable bowel syndrome). You may even have cottage cheese(paneer) or egg whites so that you do not overeat at the main eve. Choosing such protein rich foods is really a healthy snack option and have it shortly before leaving for the party.

3. Eat either a Dessert or a Meal at one time

Guys please never eat a dessert after a meal no matter if it is heavy or light. The best option is to have it before the meal and the meal should be taken after an hour to enjoy it to the fullest without gaining any extra pounds. But, yes if this is not possible then you have the main meal. And after an hour, you can have the dessert, taking care of the portion size. In this way you can always save a room for the dessert. You may also go through Healthy-Natural Sweetener Alternatives to Replace Sugar

4. Follow Diet Plan

It is important to follow your diet plan when you are at home during the festive days. As often in the Christmas spirit, the daily diet routine is ignored completely. Please do it if you want to avoid the battle between the love for food and not wanting to get fat again.

5. Stick to Your Healthy Diet by Preparing

Stock up on items like dried fruits and nuts. They are packed with a lot of nutrients in a small punch and are super healthy. These will help you a lot, as during the busy Christmas and new year preparations making a healthy intermediate meal is going to be really time consuming.

6. Focus on People

Please focus on the people and not on the food, might sound quirky but yes many of us do so unintentionally. Remember these parties are family get together or social functions which are meant to be the time spend together with our loved ones. Get in the spirit of the season by celebrating your relationships and recognise that you are not just there for food.

Have yourself a Healthy Christmas


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