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There is a saying, ‘what you eat, is what you are!’. Superfoods are the nutrient rich foods, considered to be extremely beneficial for health and well being. Over consumption of any particular food affects your health negatively and so does the lack of any food item from your diet. Thus, it is crucial to eat just right. For instance, it is essential to know what sort of foods boost your metabolism. Or the foods that will lead you towards a healthier living.

Parents must say no to processed foods from the early years of their children. It is essential to feed probiotics like curd, and prebiotics like ghee to the kids. Well yes, ghee is a prebiotic! You may read more about it on Why should I eat Ghee?

The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of cure or the slowest form of poison. Let your food be your medicine. Superfoods tend to come with numerous super claims. Like stimulating the immune system, protection against cancer, aiding weight loss, protection against heart ailments, are quite a few. So the question is which foods are undeniably super? How far are all such statements true? Let us find the answers and the various types of superfoods that help healing within.

Moringa – one of the Vital Superfoods

moringa - one of the superfoods

Moringa is known as the world’s most beneficial tree by food nutritionists. Scientifically known as Moringa Oleifera and locally as the drumstick tree. The tree is found in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and root are utilized to make medicine. It has been used by medical practitioners to treat anemia, arthritis, diabetes, heart and liver ailments. Also the respiratory, skin and digestive issues. It contains all the 9 essential amino acids.

I am sharing this link with you which contains more than 60 recipes on Moringa Leaves

Amla – Indian Superfoods


This is another powerful superfood, also known as the Indian gooseberry. It contains 20 times more vitamin C than orange. Can also help you to reduce belly fat. In order to read more about this, you may go through Health Benefits of the Indian Gooseberry.

Indian Basil Seeds

indian superfoods

Locally known as sabja seeds/ sabza seeds/ kasa-kassa. They are really rigid to chew. So, better not to take them in the raw form. These seeds are most beneficial when soaked before consuming. They start to swell become gelatinous when in contact with water. They help to treat acidity and heartburn, control the blood sugar levels, reduce body heat, relieve constipation and bloating, cure cough and flu, help to lose weight, give healthy skin and hair. Hence, these are certainly worth adding to your diet.

Many of you must be aware of the famous ‘falooda drink’. Well, it is an awesome refreshing drink to sip on during summers. This is because, it contains a good amount of the Indian basil seeds. They help to cool our inner system.


Indian superfoods

Also, known as the ‘wood apple’. This is one of those wonderful Indian superfoods, that has great curative value. However, it is the fruit of the summer season because of its considerable cooling properties. The bael is not only rich in antioxidants but, also beneficial for your gut or any digestive issues. Please note it may take a while for most of you to get used to its taste. Also its scent might put off few of you!


These are basically the herbs or you may say the healing plants. If you are looking for the means to be fit inside out then these adaptogens will help you. Also, they aid the body in dealing with anxiety. Most commonly known adaptogens are basil(tulsi), turmeric(haldi), Indian ginseng(ashwagandha). Well, ashwagandha has shown remarkable results for lowering cortisol (stress hormone) and stabilizing thyroid hormones. The holy basil (tulsi), has anti-aging properties. Also, naturally it is anti-inflammatory and fight seasonal flus.

So now you are aware of the Indian superfoods. I hope you will include these in your daily regime. Let the food you eat be your Medicine!

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