Indian Gooseberry | Amla – Aids Weight Loss

Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry, amla has been traditionally used as a home remedy to treat various health issues. It is one of the richest source of vitamin C. For more about it’s nutritional benefits, you may read Amla Health Benefits .

How to use Indian Gooseberry for Weight Loss

  • Amla Juice – A glass of gooseberry juice just before the meals aids in weight loss. If you wish, you can make the juice from the fresh Indian gooseberry as well. Obviously the fresh variety will give you more benefits compared to the one sold in market. Truly saying I just can’t drink it on its own because of it’s sourness. I add 1:1 water:juice and rock salt to my glass to make it edible for me. You may try this or even add honey along with cinnamon powder. You may refrigerate the fresh amla juice as well but, not more than 12 days. I am sharing a link here on how-to-make-amla-juice-at-home. I found this recipe really easy and convenient, so sharing with you guys.
  • Sun Dried Amla – You can buy a pack of sun-dried Indian gooseberry and slide some in your mouth anytime. I keep on doing so. Sun dried amla are available in market in different tastes and flavours. These are easy to carry in the handbag as well.
  • Triphala Medicine – It is an ayurvedic medicine. Made from equal parts of amla, bibhitaki and haritaki. This medicine is available in powdered form and is accounted to be really effective for weight loss. However, I personally did not like it’s taste and managed to gallop it somehow.
  • Amla Powder – The Indian gooseberry works more effectively for reducing weight when merged with turmeric powder. Take about 1 tsp of both the powders in a pan and boil by adding 2 cups of water. Keep on boiling until it reduces to half. Strain and drink really slowly on an empty stomach regularly. You may add rock salt, cumin powder and even cinnamon powder as per your taste.

Side Effects

Generally, amla is healthy to eat for everyone. However, there are some people who perhaps be allergic to the Indian gooseberry. You may suffer from certain health problems if you are allergic. Like pain in your belly, abdomen cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tingling and redness on the skin or headache.

You are aware that the Indian gooseberry detoxifies your body when taken empty stomach. But, consuming too much will really upset your stomach causing more acidity. So, please do take care of the quantity that you take. And do consume its recommended doses. It is also not suitable for those with any heart ailments.

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