Reverse PCOD Anu’s Success Story:

Reverse PCOD Success Story

Name: Anu

Age: 27 years

Was going through PCOD problems since the last 10 years.


Anu’s approach to the problem before she approached Its Healthy Moms for Reverse PCOD Health Plan:–

  • From a couple of years, her gynecologist had prescribed her pills to control her PCOD problems
  • Wanted to go for Laser treatment for the removal of excessive facial hair growth due to PCOD.


When Anu approached Puneet, Its Healthy Moms for Reverse PCOD consultation, she was suffering from the following pcos symptoms-

  • Excessive weight gain
  • Irregular and painful periods
  • Mood Swings
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Excessive facial hair growth (hirsutism)
  • Thinning of scalp hair


However, when Anu consulted Puneet, the following solution was advised for Anu’s prolonged PCOS problems. And, these were a little special than normal medical or laser treatments:–

  • First, Puneet asked Anu to stop taking pills from that very day. Instead, she advised Anu to take proper nutrients through diet and go for healthy PCOD foods.
  • Puneet also felt there was no need to go for a laser treatment. As if only one follows the right diet and fit lifestyle, PCOD symptoms can be reversed.
  • The experts at Its Healthy Moms, also took charge of guiding Anu with their expert diet and lifestyle advices.
  • Almost within a week of following the customized diet plan for Reverse PCOD, Anu felt much less bloated and her energy levels had also increased to unexplainable heights.

Anu lost 12 kilograms and 6 fat inches after 3 months session.

Bonuses of the treatment

– glowing and healthy skin, plus reduced facial hair naturally in a short time – lucrative isn’t it? All this was possible just by following a Customized Reverse PCOD Plan ( and following healthy habits which can relieve women with PCOD along with a lot of everyday health problems.


Challenges that were addressed–

  • Weight loss – 12 kgs and a very visible 6 inches.
  • Anu started getting her periods regularly (on time) – that too without any medication.
  • She experienced lesser pain during her otherwise painful menstrual cycles.
  • Now, she was much more aware of what things will suit her and what won’t.
  • She has also started consuming healthy fats, as customised in her Reverse PCOD Plan.
  • Her excessive facial hair was rapidly decreasing only with the right customized diet, specially for Anu by Its Healthy Moms.

The best part of this success story is that it just didn’t stop as soon Anu started seeing visible improvements in her PCOD symptoms. She took Puneet’s advice and still continues to follow according to the customized diet plan along with a healthy and an active lifestyle. Yes, Anu, being a smart women choose to fight her PCOD problem just by following the right diet. And we can see the results are very much visible.

We must understand that this is only a personal success story of a lady who chose to reverse her PCOD through right diet and save costly medical treatments. You will be shocked to know that 1 in every 10 Indian women suffers from PCOS/ PCOD.

At Its Healthy Moms, we have helped many girls to reverse their PCOD/PCOS just by changing their eating pattern and guiding them to make appropriate lifestyle changes.

You can be one of them too.

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