reduce bloating naturally prevention

Reduce Bloating Naturally & Prevention

Reduce Bloating Naturally

Bloating is a sensation that not only makes the belly feel larger than what it actually is but also in some cases, you may see it in your feet or ankles as well. In this blog, I’m going to discuss what diet and lifestyle modifications one can make to reduce bloating naturally, along with when it is a matter of concern. Firstly, one should be aware of what bloating actually is! Well, bloating involves immoderate amounts of solids, liquids, or gas in your digestive system. Secondly, understand that one of the excellent ways to tackle bloating is to determine its root cause. Most often the cause of bloat is some of the foods or ingredients that you might be intolerant to. Also on reading further, you will come to know the tips to reduce bloating naturally and instantly.

There’s no denying the fact that bloating is really uncomfortable. Bloating is quite a usual complaint that affects individuals across the globe, irrespective of your age group or whether you are going through PMS. Though there are exercises and supplements that can help reduce bloating, just simple lifestyle changes can prevent it to reoccur again.


There are some foods that cause bloating for most of us. But, each one of us reacts differently to the same food. So, here at Its Healthy Moms, we create customized meals plans with foods. And all these meal plans are balanced, at the same time help to reduce bloating naturally.

Anyways, I understand not all of you reading this blog wanna go for the customised plan! Hence, you guys can read on how anyone can reduce bloating naturally. This lifestyle tip may aid to get rid of bloating instantly. It is to soak yourself in a warm bath with bathing salts and just relax. The warmth from the bath can certainly give relief. As a result, you will relax. Moreover, there can be reduction in the feeling of anxiety and stress levels.This will allow the GI(Gastrointestinal) tract to function more effectively. Thus reduce bloating naturally.

Tips to Reduce Bloating Naturally

1. Go for a Walk

Walking may aid to reduce bloating naturally. This will help as when you walk, the food moves past the gut more quickly. Moreover, moving the body in any way can help get the gas to move along your digestive system. Therefore, preferably go for a walk daily! Even a 10-15 minute walk will do wonders! Staying active and doing regular workouts can help gas move through the gut more quickly, which can eventually reduce bloating.

2. Rule out Any food Allergies to Reduce Bloating Naturally

Yes, food intolerances and allergies can cause bloating. When you consume foods that you are intolerant to, it can give rise to excess gas production. Like lactose intolerance is associated with bloating. It is advised to remove foods associated with intolerances for a period of time, at least until symptoms subside. After some time, these foods can be reintroduced to your diet.

3. Go for Probiotics

Gas produced by gut bacteria is a major contributor to bloating. Well, the curd is one of the easy-peasy ways to include probiotics in your daily diet which will certainly help to reduce bloating naturally. Also, you can always consult your doctor in case you wanna go for probiotic supplements. However, studies have shown that probiotics can help to reduce gas, but not symptoms of bloating.

4. Frequently sip Water

One of the causes of bloating is constipation. Therefore, sipping water throughout the day will not only prevent constipation but also help to reduce bloating naturally.

5. Peppermint Tea

Studies have proved that having peppermint tea do lower the symptoms of bloating. Peppermint is often used to relieve IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome). However, peppermint can interfere with the absorption of iron.

When To Be Concerned

In many situations, occasional gas, bloating does not call for any medical heed. Generally, a self-assessment of your lifestyle and changes in eating pattern can help this situation. But yeah, you must go for medical attention whenever there is an increase in frequency or severity of the symptoms, or if the symptoms are accompanied by either diarrhea, vomiting or heartburn.

Well, I would recommend keeping a food journal. Write down what you eat and how you feel – bloated, gaseous, sick, sleepy, fine etc. This have been proved to be helpful for many of my clients.

These are things we also look at on our HEALTH plans. These customised plans not only work for weight loss, but also on your overall health, fitness and will nourish you from within! All these health related plans are customised by Puneet Kaur herself, to keep you Healthy, Fit and Nourished.

The key to a better version of yourself is to have wholesome, nutritious food.

Team Strong Healthy Women have created 3 meal plans:-
1. for people in India who have less time to cook
2. for people living abroad
3. for people in India who have a cook or the ability to cook more elaborate meals

Reduce bloating naturally

With all of our health and fitness plans, you will experience less bloating. Because at Its Healthy Moms, we ensure that you get all food groups with a balanced diet. All of our health plans encourage us to eat what is available locally.
There aren’t any heavy restrictions.

All of our diet plans will nurture you from within while meeting your specific needs. There is inclusive counseling and mentoring by diet coaches and senior nutritionists before customizing the plan.

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